Power Editor: How To Create Unpublished Page Posts (AKA “Dark Posts”)


Several people have asked for “how to” trainings, so I decided to create a new tutorial showing you how to create Unpublished Page Posts using the Power Editor. This will allow you to test many different combinations of ads without cluttering your Fan Page.

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Qwaya Demo Part 2: How To Optimize Your Facebook Ads Using Automation Rules


Test Drive Qwaya In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to optimize your Facebook Ad campaigns using Qwaya’s automation feature.

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Qwaya Demo: How To Create Facebook Ads Like A Pro


Test Drive Qwaya Here’s how to create Facebook ads using a tool called Qwaya. This tool is a huge time saver! You can literally create and test hundreds of Facebook ads and ad sets in a fraction of the time you can using the Power Editor or the standard Facebook ads manager.

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How To Use Facebook’s Audience Insights To Find Potential Customers


Facebook’s Audience Insight tool is a great resource for finding new interests to target with Facebook ads. This video shows you how to use it to find more potential leads and customers for your business.

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[Client Case Study] How To Profit From Facebook’s “Lookalike Audiences”


This video walks you through a case study of a client who is successfully using Facebook’s “Lookalike audiences” to generate a positive ROI. You’ll see the entire campaign; including the targeting, the bidding and the ads.

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How A Simple Tweak To Your Facebook Ads Saves You Money And Boosts Conversions


This video shows you how a simple tweak to your Facebook ads can save you money and boost your conversions.

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See The Landing Page That Boosted My Facebook Retargeting Ad Sales By 210%


Who would’ve thought something as simple as changing the landing page of your Facebook retargeting ads could boost sales by 210%? Watch this video to see how how you can easily copy what I did to get more sales from your Facebook retargeting ads.

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How To Get 623% ROI From This Facebook WCA Strategy


Got a customer list? One of the easiest ways to make sales from Facebook advertising is to upload your customer database as a Website Custom Audience (WCA) inside your Facebook Ads Manager and make a special offer. Watch this video to see how cheap we’re re-acquiring customers for using this strategy.

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How Facebook Retargeting Helped This Company Acquire Customers For Only $7.16


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What Landing Page Should You Use With Facebook Ads?


When using Facebook ads, should you drive traffic to a “squeeze page” or a “content page”? In this video, I reveal results from a 14 day test. The test was to determine what the difference in customer acquisition cost would be when driving traffic to a straight squeeze page vs. a reverse squeeze page (which…

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