Breath New Life Into Your FB Ads With This 2 Minute Image Trick


In this quick tutorial I’ll show you a simple image trick that will help you boost your conversions and overcome Facebook ad fatigue. (i.e. banner blindness) Visit to start using this cool app!

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Simple Facebook Ad Strategy Boosts Profits By 70%


Click Here To Swipe My FB Retargeting Ad Campaign

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The $25,000 To Do List

Things to Do.

Today I have a quick story about a great man named Ivy Lee and his $25,000 “To Do” List. Ivy Lee was born July 16th, 1877 and was known as the “founder of public relations.” He worked at the Bethlehem Steel Corporation, in which he famously advised managers to list and number their top priorities every…

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Jesus, Moses and the Burglar


I heard about this burglar who was breaking into a house one night. As he was stealing the stereo he heard a voice that said… “Jesus is watching you.” He froze in his tracks, shined his flashlight into the corner of the room and he saw a parrot. He said… “Did you say that to…

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5 Easy Steps For Creating Awesome Videos That Sell

In this video, I walk you through my 5 step process for creating sales videos that sell.

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