CASE STUDY: How We Turned $513.05 into $15,840 With This Facebook Retargeting Strategy


Here’s another client case study for you! It reveals how we turned $513 in ad spend into $15,840 in sales in just a few weeks. This video breaks down the…

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Client Case Study: Facebook Retargeting Ads vs. Cold Traffic Ads

bucking-cj800 (1)

I recently started working with a client in the Horse Training niche. He wanted a way to increase profitability from his existing traffic. The first I did was…

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Best Practices When Creating A Facebook Video Ad With Power Editor


It’s no secret that Facebook is now serving as many video views as YouTube these days. In this tutorial I walk you through how to create a Facebook video ad using the Power Editor so you can…

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What To Do If Facebook Won’t Show Yours Ads


I recently created a Facebook campaign that for some reason received ZERO impressions for a few days in a row. It was very frustrating. In this video I show you the simple change I made to my ad set that…

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Facebook’s “Unpublished Page Post Ads” Are History? — Sorta :)


Because Facebook is always making improvements to the Power Editor and Ads Manager, it can be frustrating to keep up. In this video…

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Which Campaign Objective Should You Choose When Creating Facebook Ads?


In this video I share the results from 2 different Facebook ad campaigns. These 2 campaigns are nearly identical except for one thing…

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CUSTOMER Q & A: “How Do I Exclude Custom Audiences From Seeing My Facebook Ads?”


Yesterday I received an email from a customer. She brought to my attention that Facebook made some changes to the way we “exclude” custom audiences from seeing our Facebook ads. In this video…

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Easy Workaround For Using Facebook’s Stock Images With Power Editor


Facebook provides us advertisers with royalty-free images to use in our ads. The problem is, the images are only available in the ads manager, not…

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CLIENT CASE STUDY: How An Edible Pink Elephant Helped Her Get 1,546 Email Leads From Facebook Ads For $.06 / Each


Today I have another client case study for you. This time we were able to get email leads for 6 cents a piece and we earned almost…

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How To Create Custom Audiences From Your Current Website Traffic (So You Can Increase Sales)


I was talking to a client the other day who is getting massive amounts of traffic for free from the top search engines. I walked him through how to build…

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