Which Campaign Objective Should You Choose When Creating Facebook Ads?


In this video I share the results from 2 different Facebook ad campaigns. These 2 campaigns are nearly identical except for one thing…

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CUSTOMER Q & A: “How Do I Exclude Custom Audiences From Seeing My Facebook Ads?”


Yesterday I received an email from a customer. She brought to my attention that Facebook made some changes to the way we “exclude” custom audiences from seeing our Facebook ads. In this video…

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Easy Workaround For Using Facebook’s Stock Images With Power Editor


Facebook provides us advertisers with royalty-free images to use in our ads. The problem is, the images are only available in the ads manager, not…

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CLIENT CASE STUDY: How An Edible Pink Elephant Helped Her Get 1,546 Email Leads From Facebook Ads For $.06 / Each


Today I have another client case study for you. This time we were able to get email leads for 6 cents a piece and we earned almost…

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How To Create Custom Audiences From Your Current Website Traffic (So You Can Increase Sales)


I was talking to a client the other day who is getting massive amounts of traffic for free from the top search engines. I walked him through how to build…

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Facebook Lookalike Audience “Hack” Puts More Money In Your Pocket


In this video I share a lookalike audience “Hack” that will help you make more profit from…

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CLIENT CASE STUDY: How We’re Getting 4 Cent Clicks From Facebook Ads


You’ve probably heard about people who claim they are getting clicks from Facebook Ads for dirt cheap. And it’s true, but they’re usually targeting countries that no one else is targeting and that don’t convert to sales. Well, until recently…

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How To Create A 2-Step Lead Generation Form For Your Website Using Lead Pages™


TryLeadPages.net In this video you will learn how to use Lead Pages to create a 2-Step “LeadBox” for your website or blog, so you can generate email leads for your business.

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CLIENT CASE STUDY: How Facebook’s Behavior Targeting Affected Customer Acquisition Cost


In this case study I walk you through two almost identical Facebook ad campaigns. In the first campaign I used Behavior Targeting. In the second campaign I did not. The results affected our customer acquisition costs dramatically. Have you noticed the same thing in your campaigns?

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Power Editor: How To Create Unpublished Page Posts (AKA “Dark Posts”)


Several people have asked for “how to” trainings, so I decided to create a new tutorial showing you how to create Unpublished Page Posts using the Power Editor. This will allow you to test many different combinations of ads without cluttering your Fan Page.

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