Use This Social Proof Hack To Get More Sales From Facebook Ads


If you have a winning Facebook ad with a lot of engagement and social proof, then here’s a simple way to scale your existing ad to…

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CASE STUDY: How We Turned $513.05 into $15,840 With This Facebook Retargeting Strategy


Here’s another client case study for you! It reveals how we turned $513 in ad spend into $15,840 in sales in just a few weeks. This video breaks down the…

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Here’s A Not-So-Obvious-Way To Get FREE Quality “Likes” On Your Fan Page


If you’re currently spending a decent budget on Facebook ads, here is a not-so-obvious-way to get free, high-quality likes to your Fan Page from the people who’ve…

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One of My Best Clients Shares His Facebook Ads Results!


Here’s a video from a client sharing his Facebook ads results. We’ve only worked together for a few months and he’s…

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FACEBOOK ADS CASE STUDY: How I Helped Dave Double His T-Shirt Business, Oh Yeah!


I’ve been working with a new client (Dave) for about 2 months now. He’s in the t-shirt business. This case study reveals 2 simple things I did to…

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FACEBOOK ADS TUTORIAL: Advanced Targeting Capability NOT Available in Ads Manager or Power Editor


In this video I want to share with you an advanced targeting capability NOT available inside the Facebook Ads Manager or Power Editor. This feature will allow you to…

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FACEBOOK ADS TUTORIAL: Uncovering Hidden Profits Using The NEW Ads Manager


In this video I am going to show you how to use Facebook’s recently updated ads manager to uncover hidden profits within your ad campaigns. This will give you…

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FACEBOOK ADS CASE STUDY: Should You Go For The Sale Right Away or Give Content First?


This case study reveals the “cost per checkout” results from 2 different campaigns. In the first campaign we sent traffic to a blog post before asking for the opt-in. The second campaign we…

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Client Case Study: Facebook Retargeting Ads vs. Cold Traffic Ads

bucking-cj800 (1)

I recently started working with a client in the Horse Training niche. He wanted a way to increase profitability from his existing traffic. The first I did was…

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Best Practices When Creating A Facebook Video Ad With Power Editor


It’s no secret that Facebook is now serving as many video views as YouTube these days. In this tutorial I walk you through how to create a Facebook video ad using the Power Editor so you can…

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