How To Use Facebook’s Audience Insights To Find Potential Customers

Facebook’s Audience Insight tool is a great resource for finding new interests to target with Facebook ads. This video shows you how to use it to find more potential leads and customers for your business.


  • Marina eva

    Reply Reply December 17, 2014

    Thank you, James! Shopped around for a while for a free tutorial on how to target interests for Facebook audiences. Yours turned out to be the best for me – simple (i’m not advanced FB advertiser:)) yet very informative and actionable.

    • James Grandstaff

      Reply Reply December 18, 2014

      Hi Marina, I’m glad you enjoyed the video. Did you find it through a Google search or YouTube? Just curious. Happy Holidays!


  • sz

    Reply Reply December 19, 2014

    so thanks for this! helps a lot. But when I search for other pages that I can target, when I try to type that page into “interests” for an add, often times those pages will not appear or let me enter it into the interest box. Why is that?

    • James Grandstaff

      Reply Reply December 29, 2014

      Hi Sz,

      We can’t target all pages like we could a few years ago. This is a change FB implemented so there’s not much we can do about it.


  • Sue Brooks

    Reply Reply December 27, 2014

    Would like to speak with you about setting us a specific ad to a targeted group.

  • B Ray

    Reply Reply December 29, 2014

    Thanks for the this. I have been struggling to find out how best to advertise on FB without alienating my “Likes” – we are a small tavern (family owned) and trying to drive business but there is not a lot out there on how to do this in my industry. Any ideas would be great. I just don’t know when I put an ad/boost together who actually sees it. I am not even sure if all my “likes” see the ad that I put up? Even though I target as such. Would love to find a way where I can invite people that LIKE my page…….let me know thanks,

    • James Grandstaff

      Reply Reply December 29, 2014

      When you boost your post, it shows to your fans by default but you do have the ability to add more interests and locations. This would allow you to target people who lived within 25 miles of your tavern.

      If you want my personal help with this, I would be happy to help.

      Here’s more information:


      Talk soon,

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