FACEBOOK ADS CASE STUDY: Should You Go For The Sale Right Away or Give Content First?

Here’s another client case study for you! This one reveals the “cost per checkout” results from 2 different campaigns. In the first campaign we sent traffic to a blog post before asking for the opt-in. The second campaign we immediately asked for the opt-in and went right for the sale. Watch to see what happened.

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  • Simo

    Reply Reply August 11, 2015

    Great Case Study.
    2 questions:
    1-Do you put the optin form box in the bottom of your Post content (for your second Ad) after they click on the Ad or you send them later on an email about your Tripwire Offer ?
    2-What type of Bidding do you use ? oCPM or CPC ? if oCPM, Mnaually or you let FB do the bidding on your behalf ?


    • James Grandstaff

      Reply Reply August 11, 2015

      Hey Simo,

      For the blog post, we put the opt-in form at the bottom of the post. When they opt-in, we send them to the sales video and follow-up with emails letting them know the offer expires soon. The bidding I generally use is oCPM and I do the bidding manually.

  • Jonathan

    Reply Reply August 11, 2015

    Hey James,

    Thanks for the great info. I am curious to seeing a follow up video after you’ve tried to scale that offer. If that’s even a desire for the client. And by scaling I mean a few hundred per day per campaign.

    I’m curious if FB is allowing you guys to run this ad because of a low budget and probably good ad account history.

    WOndering if “help you find an east fix for chronic pain” would be classified as a claim to them.

    Do you guys get your ads and landing pages pre-approved?

    Also, could you share his backend?

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