“I was fed up with working with agencies and wanted to understand how Facebook ads actually worked.
James helped me quickly set up my core retargeting campaigns and helped free me from the ad agency cycle.”
— Tyler “Sully” Sullivan, BombTechGolf.com


“Before working with James we were averaging $600 per day in online sales. We then brought James on to help with marketing and our sales skyrocketed almost instantly!
Soon after this surge in sales, our Facebook page was hacked bringing all sales to a grinding halt. We then created a new page to begin marketing again to rebuild our following with weak initial results. After a few weeks of getting back on our feet, we began working with James again. He brought our sales back to what we had come to expect and beyond.
James proved his loyalty by helping us when we were at our lowest ensuring that our company didn’t go under. Now we are grossing over $100,000 month ($3,300 per day) and there is no way we could have gotten here so quickly without his expertise, tenacity, and dedication to our company.”
— Dave Lancaster, Shopify Apparel Merchant

“James really helped us optimize our FB ads and worked around our budget to increase our ROI. We went from doing $900 in sales a day to about $2k a day. We have a weekly strategy Skype call and I truly appreciate the time he dedicates to our team to help us achieve our goals.
He truly is the best direct response ad consultant we have ever worked with and recommend him to everyone! Thanks for everything that you do!”
— Eileen Amirian, eCommerce Shopify Merchant

“Working with James Grandstaff immediately put us on the right lead-generation track. He guided us to a Facebook ad concept that worked right out of the box, and he helped us with funnel emails that converted respondents into trip-wire buyers. Within a week, our lead cost dropped from north of $2 to $0.25!”
— John Cummuta, Best Selling Author


“James is the man! I have him managing our entire business account and the results have been great.
I have quite a bit of experience with FB ads and was running out of time trying to stay current, split test ideas, and run the business. We hired James and have increased all of our metrics. He is managing 10s of thousands of dollars per month for us.
But the real kicker with James is that he has a great marketing mind on top of being our ads expert. We spend time kicking around ideas and coming up with new ideas every week. One idea from James led to a split test of our order form that is getting us an 80% improvement! Yeah... James is the goods :)”
— Chas Smith, PaleoValley.com

“James is amazing! I've had four calls with him so far and with his guidance I've grossed over $1,000/day for the last three weeks with no sign of my ads fatiguing anytime soon! And more important than gross, my ROI is huge: for every $1 I'm spending on FB ads I'm getting back $4+ -- that's insane!
The thing, too, is that James knows way more than just FB ads. He's been helping me look at my business holistically to find additional ways to maximize revenue. And that's working, too!
Do yourself a favor and at least do the free consultation. The information I got from that free session alone helped me increase my FB ads ROI, and there's no reason anyone else can't get the same results for their own business. Thanks, James!
— Kenneth Baker

andrew“If you have a chance to work with James, do it!
I’ve been working with him for the past few months and we’ve spent approximately $5,000 on ads. Sales directly from Facebook are now over $142,000. Dude’s a ninja!”
— Andrew Walker, Event Decor Direct


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leigh“If you’ve come here to maximize your online sales from direct response Facebook Advertising, then you’re in the right place.
Before working with James my e-commerce client had no Facebook pixel or retargeting in place and was doing an average of $600/day sales on their Shopify store. The problem was we didn’t know what was actually working. Everything that James advised us on - pixel implementation, specific copy for retargeting, and ramping up spend on lookalike audiences lead my client to $15k/day sales.
No hype required, it’s clear why James is the best direct response Facebook Ad consultant in the business.”
— Leigh Wasson, Digital Marketing Consultant, Supreme Optimization


dylan“Had a call with James Grandstaff. He's super knowledgeable and obviously extremely passionate and proficient with Facebook advertising. I've spoken to plenty of "Facebook Ad Experts" and no one compares to James. If you're looking to seriously increase your bottom line, hit him up.”
— Dylan Toll


“Just got off a call with James, he went through and helped us find low hanging fruit through our ad set-ups, and basic customer experience to increase our average cart! Always helpful and exciting when I get to talk to him about our numbers.”
— Kent Berame, Wanderer Braclets


strfan“Just got off a call with James Grandstaff. Awesome decision! We spent an hour and he showed me some crazy Ninja stuff I've never seen before. Honestly, talking to him felt like getting a Masters degree in Facebook Ads in a one-hour conversation. We actually are not ready to work together and James told me that straight out instead of trying to squeeze money out of me. He also said he was refunding my $200 deposit for the hour consultation since we were not going to start working together yet. (I had totally forgotten about this and he brought it up). I would HIGHLY recommend you contact James if you need help with FB Ads. If you are a good fit, he is going to increase your profits. If you are not a good fit, you have nothing to lose and will get some of the best tactics on FB out there. Thanks again James!”
— Stefan Fagerholm

“I had a great experience with James and getting set-up with FB retargeting. He is very good at what he does and can get you some good results as well. I would recommend him to anyone out there that is still looking at jumping into ads on FB. Thanks again James.”
— Kevin, TitaniumBuzz.com


arron“I had an hour-long call with James today. It was full of substance and he was super good at helping me to understand the nuances of Facebook marketing. I left with renewed clarity and new strategies to maximize our returns while reducing our marketing budget. We decided mutually that it would be best not to commit to working together long term; true to his word he refunded my deposit, even after a valuable call filled with great information advice. Thanks James! We hope to be at a point where it will make sense to work together soon, but until then we can't wait to apply everything we talked about today!”
— Aaron Marx

kyle“I just got off the phone with James Grandstaff. Thank you James. I could browse a thousand blog posts, but being able to talk with an expert is seriously PRICELESS. He helped me cut through the noise and focus on exactly what I need to do for MY next steps.
I cannot emphasize enough how much it means to have personal help. Again, THANK YOU and the Grand FB Marketing MAGICAL Staff!”
— Kyle Gibson


daniel“Had a call this morning with James and he was very helpful in the best approach for the client I was working with. The way he had me understand retargeting and the potential value was amazing. I was also doing another campaign with FB leads and he gave me some amazing techniques to utilize.”
— Daniel Veiga


“James is a genius. He has helped me and my team create ad campaigns that are currently beating the control by 300%. We went from campaigns that were breaking even (and some days losing money) to averaging over $600 in profit per day. Yesterday we had our most profitable day in company history with $900 in profit.”
— Eric Southwell


laeton“GUYS, I just had an insane chat with James Grandstaff! He not only gave me some awesome sales copy tips I had missed but showed me how to quickly optimize my FB ads for my goal; sales! Great tips dude. People would be crazy NOT to hire you.”
— Lawton Chiles



dan“Hey James, after working with you over the past 3 months, I wanted to let you know that my FB ad campaigns are now running smoothly, my opt-ins are way up and I've seen a number of these leads turn into actual clients. Thanks for your professionalism and for all the great consulting you've provided us.”
— Daniel Herzner, Vivacity Life Center


mitch“Hey James, thanks for the call this morning! Even though it turned out that I wasn't quite ready for your services, you provided me with some invaluable suggestions that I will be implementing right away! Thanks for your help. BTW You returned my deposit even faster than I'd expected.”
— Mitch Fields


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