The $25,000 To Do List

Today I have a quick story about a great man named Ivy Lee and his $25,000 “To Do” List.

Ivy Lee was born July 16th, 1877 and was known as the “founder of public relations.”

He worked at the Bethlehem Steel Corporation, in which he famously advised managers to list and number their top priorities every day, and work on tasks (in the order of their importance) until daily time allowed, not proceeding until a task was completed.

For this suggestion, company head, Charles M. Schwab later paid him $25,000… saying it had been the most profitable advice he had received!


Something as simple as a “to do” list transformed a company’s production so much that the owner paid Ivy Lee $25,000!

I also use a to-do list to stay focused in my Internet Business.

But instead of just writing my list down and scratching each one off as I go, I use a cool web based tool that only shows me one item at a time.

This works for me because I don’t get overwhelmed and I actually get stuff done. 😉

So if you want to get more done and make more money in your business, then watch the short video below and start using a “to do” list everyday.

It will transform your business and your life.

To OUR Success!

– James Grandstaff

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